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Effectively Manage Your IDIQ Task Orders

For many businesses, collecting, storing, accessing, and utilizing the credentials, input and strengths of their team members for successful Task Order awards are often the biggest challenge. Shared Task Order data is stored in diverse locations,  spreadsheets and documents, often not found when needed, or is lost when a key employee leaves the company. The ITG Task Order Management System (TOMS) has been designed to capture and store Federal contract data, as well as all team member credentials and Task Order content providing the business development manager the most effective utilization of current team composition; identifying team member missing information that is still required; and allowing administrators to optimize team member formation across all Federal contracts.

TOMS enables you to control the entire contract lifecycle, from Task Order request, reviewing, team formation, proposal content collection, amendment, editing and approval, through submittal, award and task order implementation.

  • Identify volume of task orders in each stage of lifecycle
  • Centralize subcontractor information and provide access at points of use
  • Manage response timelines and activities

Build Team Member Profiles

By capturing the information in the system, you will only need to manage the information as IDIQ team members change size or socio-economic status, add core competencies, or include new skill sets. The ITG Task Order Management System is designed to include a common set of team member qualifications and accommodate unique or custom information specific to your contract, allowing the flexibility to effectively utilize team members no matter what type of contract you are awarded.

Once you have identified all of the key criteria, it is the responsibility of your team members to manage their respective profiles, enabling you to focus on ensuring information is entered, saving you time and giving you powerful control over the process.  TOMS is customized to your criteria, meaning that you can reduce the amount of time-consuming data calls that you must make by collecting the information you will need to execute decisions, rather than continuous requests for more information.

Evaluate Team Member Compliance

Utilizing the powerful search engine within TOMS will also allow you to identify missing information and manage only the team members that are not complying with your expectations.  This focus on ensuring that you have captured and centralized information allows you to quickly assess your team members across multiple contracts, providing you with the opportunity to focus more time and energy on the most important activity: responding to and winning task orders.


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