ITG understands that starting up new IDIQ, MAC and GWAC contracts can be expensive.  Since Task Orders lag behind the contract award you need a flexible tool that helps you prepare to be successful without substantial upfront cost expenditure.  ITG’s Task Order Management System is flexibly priced to accommodate your needs.  Our simple full service model is designed to work within your budget constraints but provide long term value to your bottom line.

Consistent with the ease of use of the tool is a flexible pricing model.  The Task Order Management System is an enterprise subscription license that includes installation, one time training and access to annual upgrades.

The pricing model is as follows:

Description Cost Frequency Included Services
License Call us at 703-698-8282 for an incredible offer One-time*

Unlimited number of contracts and subcontractors per license holder

6 hours of administrator training**

2 hours for subcontractor training**

Virtual installation support

Maintenance and Enhancements $2,000/Year Billed annually starting in January of each year

Access to annuall upgrades

Virtual upgrade installation support

Technical troubleshooting

* Upon request and credit worthiness ITG will provide a 12 month payment program at $1,000 month for license costs

** Training will be performed onsite for clients within hundred (100) miles of Washington DC OR online for clients outside the hundred (100) mile radius
    Additional travel charges may apply


The Task Order Management System is designed to be implemented in a matter of days coupled with our installation guide, user guides and administrator training you will be able to configure your Task Order Management System and troubleshoot the majority of implementation challenges.  ITG does provide an unlimited support model based on our ISO 20000 certified processes.  Our 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM phone support will provide you everything you need to be successful.

While most customers prefer to host our thin client application on their hardware, upon request ITG can provide a hosted model to reduce the impact on your infrastructure.  Based on our ISO 27001 certified practices you can be assured that you information is confidential and available when you need the tool to work for you.

The task order management system is a web based thin client application that requires the following minimum specifications:

Type Requirements Criteria
Software Latest version of Microsoft .NET framework (4.xx or higher)  
Software Microsoft IIS 6 or higher (IIS 7x is also supported) Requires .NET framework version 4.0 or higher
Software MS SQL 2005 with the latest available service pack (or higher – i.e. SQL Server 2008) * The SQL Server may be on a different physical server
Software Email Server

The application generates SMTP email messages and needs to have an active SMTP enabled Email Server to relay these emails. It uses the MS Exchange Server that may already be available within your organization

Availability of an administrator domain account to install the application

Free OPEN SOURCE email servers can be installed, configured and utilized by TOMS, if required

Hardware Minimum of 4GB RAM (Recommended: Increase to 8GB or higher. If both SQL Server and IIS reside on the same server)

For 50-100 users or less

Hardware Dual Core CPU  
Hardware Minimum of 80GB free disk space  

* MS SQL Server 2005/2008 Express Edition is also supported. Some restrictions (number of connections, size of the database etc.) may apply due to
  Microsoft licensing policies