For TOMS Software Support Call 1-877-223-6712

Mon-Fri 8:00-5:30 EST

ITG’s Task Order Management System is designed to allow you to manage the software application autonomously including the configuration of naming conventions, with the flexibility to easily add contracts and subcontractors. ITG’s objective is to complement TOMS with world class support. Your organization will benefit from ITG’s managed processes utilizing our ISO 20000-1:2011 certification that is focused on fast and efficient resolution of all requests. The diagram below provides a description of our software support model which is focused on helping you overcome challenges quickly with minimal disruption to your business activities:

  • Phase 1
    Incident Handling
    0-2 Hours
  • Contact ITG at
  • Call Answered within 1 -3 minutes
  • Your Service Request Opened
  • Issue Resolved or Escalated
  • Phase 2
    Problem Escalation
    2-8 Hours
  • Collect Additional Information
  • Open Problem
  • Rectify Issue
  • Close Service Ticket
  • Phase 3
    Service Improvement
    8-32 Hours
  • Update Problem Management Database
  • Evaluate Need for Change Request
  • Produce Requirements
  • Produce Requirements
  • Phase 4
    Release Management Variable
  • Communicate to Customers
  • Provide Installation Package
  • Provide Remote Support
  • Verify Effective Implementation

ITG’s support model is designed to quickly identify your challenge and provide a resolution in less than one business day. Our incident resolution process includes automated oversight of the process with escalations to senior management if an incident is not rectified in the timeframe shown above. We use a comprehensive ticket tracking and automated notification system to ensure that your calls are resolved with minimal downtime.

ITG understands that the next improvements to TOMS will be derived directly from your needs. When we resolve an incident we review to see if a system enhancement could be beneficial to our customer base and based on your feedback we develop the content of new releases. Based on the volume of feedback we customize our upgrade schedule, but you can be assured that TOMS will be updated at a minimum on an annual basis. Included in your costs is an annual maintenance and enhancements package that allows you to take advantage of not only your suggestions but valuable improvements proposed by other companies with similar requirements. Should you have an urgent need for an improvement to the system ITG allows our customers to request improvements to the system that can be done on an urgent basis. We will work with you to understand your requirements, provide a cost estimate for an urgent development request, and then you can decide to invest in an improvement or wait to see the upgrade in a future release.