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Task Order Management System – TOMS v1.3 New Features

The number of procurements sourced from Task Order-based IDIQ and GWAC contracts has risen dramatically. Companies that prime these multiple award task order-based (MATO) contracts rely not only on their internal capabilities, but those of their subcontractor team members to successfully respond to each task order. To be effective, prime contract awardees must have a well-defined strategy to manage their subcontractor resources, evaluate capabilities, select teams, and deliver proposals under short deadlines.

TOMS provides Prime Contractors with a task order management system to make faster more informed decisions, automate communications, and analyze performance within one web-based tool. TOMS Task Order Management System Version 1.3 introduces several major enhancements providing Prime Contractors with additional criteria to thoroughly assess and evaluate Team Member capabilities pre or post task order release. Version 1.3 enhancements include the following key features;

Decision Analysis Tool

Quickly Assess and Select Team Members based on Technical and Cost Qualifications

Make faster more informed decisions from the TOMS Decision Analysis interface. Prime Contractors can quickly compare technical and cost qualifications from data maintained in Team Member Profiles (Pre TO Decision Analysis) or Task Order Opt-In Registrations (Post TO Decision Analysis). Offering predictive analysis prior to release of the Task Order in TOMS or post analysis after a Task Order has been released in TOMS and Opt-In Registrations have been received.

Quickly identify capability shortfalls. The Pre and Post Decision Analysis result screens include a section for labor categories not supported to identify missing technical qualifications and formulate a more informed bid/no-bid decision. From the results screen the Prime Contractor can also select the right mix of team members based on user defined filters for labor cost and technical qualification minimum scores, then approve or deny participation directly from the Decision Analysis Tool.


Labor Cost

Evaluate Team Members based on Individual Labor Rates and Total Labor Cost

Assign and track labor categories with labor rates for each of the functional areas assigned to a contract. The addition of cost evaluation allows Prime Contractors to make more informed decisions in selecting Task Order participating Team Members. To provide total cost data, Prime Contractors will enter labor hours for each labor category assigned to a Task Order. Subcontractor Team Members will maintain a contract specific rate for each labor category as a part of their Team Member Profile. For special pricing on a specific Task Order, Team Members will have the opportunity to modify labor rates when creating their Task Order Opt-in Registration.


Required Documentation

Specify Required Documents to be submitted as part of the Team Member Opt-In Registration process with email alerts, an approval process, and version control

Ensure all required documentation is received on time. The Prime Contractor can now specify a list of required documents that must be uploaded before a Team Member is able to submit a Task Order Opt-In Registration. After submission, the Prime can approve or reject the submitted document(s) and include an explanation. The module also features automatic email alerts and upload history to maintain version control of documents submitted. Automatic email alerts notify Team Members when required documents are posted for a Task Order, the Prime Contractor when documents have been uploaded for approval, and Team Members when the document has been approved or rejected.



Monitor Contract Performance, Team Member Performance, and Status of Active Task Orders

Task Order Management System v1.3 now offers exportable reports for Prime Contractors and Subcontractor Team Members. Great for project management meetings or subcontractor performance reviews, reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, or Word format.

Reports for Prime Contractors include; Team Member Performance Report, Task Order Performance Report, and Task Order Registered Team Members Report. These reports provide historical data for Team Member performance at the contract and task order level as well as real-time data for current task orders open to Team Member participation.

Reports for Team Members contains the Team Member Status Report. This report provides Team Members with a real-time status on current participation activity against all task orders in which the Team Member was involved. Team Members can generate a report for status details of a specific task order or multiple task orders under a single contract.


Customizable Data Fields

Customize TOMS by Adding Custom Data Fields and Controls

Capture additional data with custom data fields. TOMS Administrators can now modify various user screens by adding custom data fields and controls to screens including the Contract, Task Order, and Opt-in Request screens. Data control types consist of date, time, money, and numeric values, plain text, email addresses, zip codes, and telephone numbers.


Enhanced System Administration

Improved System Administration with Simplified Navigation and Faster Configuration

TOMS 1.3 new System Administration delivers a smoother user experience with its redefined layout, new menu options, and simplified navigation. TOMS Administrators can easily access the desired configuration item and quickly enter new data or update existing. The new interface allows for accelerated onboarding of new contract vehicles and subcontractor team members.