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Since the passage of the Federal Acquisition Streamlining Act in 1994, there has been a rise in the number of Indefinite Delivery/Indefinite Quantity (IDIQ), Government-Wide Acquisition Contracts (GWAC), and Multiple Award Contracts (MAC), as a means of doing business with the federal government.  The ability to add new contract vehicles through your business development practices, is not only integral to your company’s success but also a tool that is built to scale with your new contracts.  Every task order-based contract is likely to have different team members with new contacts and different operating strategies.  Task Order Management System (TOMS) by ITG helps government contractors streamline the process of responding to and winning task orders under multiple award contracts, including GWACs, IDIQs and other contract vehicles and solicitations. TOMS enables you to quickly act on task order requests, efficiently manage the contributions of distributed teaming partners and comply with complex contract requirements in an easy–to–use application. With TOMS, your process and the benefits gained from a systemic approach can remain largely the same.

Upon the award of a new contract, your business will only need to spend time providing your team with access to the system, educating them on what information is required, and informing them of your expectations for using the system.  With a flexible, multi-tiered access control system, which is based on the contract award, you can dictate which contracts your sub-contractors have access to, right down to the individual page read / write access.  This provides you with the unparalleled ability to quickly set up a new contract in the system and prepare for the first task orders to be issued.

Once you have determined who needs access to the system, all you will need to do is customize the contents of your contract. You will update the contract’s functional categories and characteristics and what information you expect from your team members.  With a few decisions and descriptions, you can establish a new contract within the system in minutes or hours, rather than days or weeks. Setting up a new contract quickly also gives you an edge up against the competition: you know how you will do it, you have done it before and now you can focus on generating revenue, not incurring expenses.

Administrators have the ability to seamlessly view across contracts for sub-contractors that they might need, while sub-contractors can only view task orders related to the contract with which they participate.  This approach allows you to ensure that information is segmented on a need-to-know basis; is also  provides you with the power to review all sub-contractors, in case there is a strong fit outside of the current team with which you are working.  In an environment that demands quicker and better, implementing TOMS will allow you to establish new contracts quickly, so that you can focus on prospecting for the next revenue-generating opportunity. In addition, TOMS will allow you to:

  •  Segment multiple contracts in a single portal
  •  Report on subcontractor participation in task order responses
  •  Analyze adherence to bid response timelines

While adding new contracts is not an everyday event, monitoring your subcontract goals and objectives can be.  Since each task order is linked to a contract number, you can review which business types are responding, winning and losing task order awards.  The power to extract information instantly allows you to monitor your progress against contract stipulations for small business participation.  Reducing the time needed to analyze your progress toward participation objectives will allow you more time to strengthen the relationship with your customer.


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