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IDIQ/GWAC Task Order Management Software for Program Managers

The euphoria of having been awarded a contract IDIQ and/or GWAC, may be soon replaced with the important task of managing communications with your newly awarded team.  Keeping the correct technical, contractual and pricing points straight for all of your team members can be a labor-intensive exercise, which delays effective responses as well as your ability to manage communications.  Relying on email groups and mass communications is a good start, but having software automate event-driven notifications—based on pre-defined scenarios targeted to the appropriate points of contact—can also greatly reduce your administrative burden and increase your Task Order win rate.

It’s no secret in the industry that most contract management solutions extend, rather than shorten, contract cycle time. Their rigid contract authoring and approvals activities are bottlenecks in the process.  ITG leads the industry with next-generation workflow capabilities. The Task Order Management System (TOMS) is designed to consolidate the contact information provided in the system and interact with the stages of task order responses.  This allows team members to be notified of actions that are being taken in the life cycle of a task order response, without you having to remember to send out emails.  You will be able to customize the content of the notifications based on 15 different actions, which occur throughout the response timeline, and your team will be notified when a status in the system has been changed.  With just a little training on the meaning of messages, your team can focus on the responses received, instead of ensuring that their appropriate contacts have been notified.

As a result of busy schedules, team members may miss new task order postings that become available. TOMS allows you to specifically invite certain team members to review a particular bid.  Inviting team members can help you ensure that your team members are notified of best fit opportunities.  When they view the opportunity, all of the related information is already available for their review, making it easier to store and find information within a single location. TOMS will allow you to:

  • Ensure prime contractor communications are reviewed
  • Target specific subcontractors with best fit capabilities
  • Track response timelines by contract, functional category or subcontractor

For mass communications, TOMS comes equipped with a message board, where you can provide valuable information to all of your team members to ensure success.  Team members are greeted upon log-in with any updates that you deem valuable. Furthermore, functionality exists for team members to “approve” review of the each notice along with an archive for previous notices for reference, in order to ensure that your team receives each of your messages.

A built-in notification system, which is based on critical decision points along with messaging boards and targeted invitations, allows TOMS to remove  much of the communications-related administrative burden and provides you with the ability to ensure fast and effective communications.


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